I have heard many people talking about making sequels to Metal Fatigue or something similar, but I have never seen one completed. I find it strange that out of the many who have talked about it haven't seen it through. So if anyone sees this, I would like to speak about the possibility of a proper sequel or remake, and what it should add or change. I'll write a list of things, I guess.



  • More playable factions, maybe?


  • Graphics
  • Unit rework
  • Combot building rework (Maybe add upgrade slots on the Combot screen)
  • Structures (Research structure should become more useful, maybe. Like, purchase upgrades for parts you already own, for instance.)
  • Tech tree rework (I do not really know much about the MF tech tree, but I think it would be nice to have something similar to the one in Supreme Commander. Not neccessarily something completely identical, but similar.)

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