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Name's Dsurian - I'm a mid20's male living on the east coast of the States. I've been a fan of Metal Fatigue since its release and play through it every once in a while, given its unique Combot feature.

W7/64-bit Problems?Edit

Given the age of Metal Fatigue, I personally thought that it might have trouble even installing on more advanced OS's. However, it seems that, in most cases, it can install and start up relatively fine. If it won't, open up properties, run it as administrator, and turn on Compatibility Mode (WinXP). The more serious problems start when you try to play the game - issues with the graphics. To fix this, you have to set up a glide.

'What is a glide?'Edit

- for the layman, it's sort-of a virtual graphics card. Similar to the software DirectX, its a language that process' requests made by a program to-and-from the video card. The problem with a game as old as Metal Fatigue is that the newer hardware and software (graphics card and operating system) doesn't fully understand the requests that the older software (the game) is making. This is where the glide comes in as a translator of-sorts, making the final code/lingual hurdle, and generally fulfilling the role of the video card in-game (this is NOT to say that you do not need a video card to play the game - you definitely do). Installing a glide is relatively simple, but it depends upon the glide you choose. Each glide is somewhat different, and none of them guarantee success, but they do offer the best chance.


The three most commonly used for Metal Fatigue are as follows:

  • Zeus' nGlide - Install a copy of the game, download and install the glide, download and install this small patch specifically for this glide and Metal Fatigue, and you should be done. If it doesn't work, try installing the glide first so that you may select it as the video card during the game's installation.
  • Zeck's 084c - Download and install the glide first - then install the game. When selecting a video card during the game installation, there should be an option for the glide. You may need to experiment with the glides settings for optimal performance - these settings should work well enough.
  • dgVoodoo 1.40 - Install a copy of the game, download the glide (it's zipped), and extract it directly into the main directory for the game. You may need to experiment with the glides settings for optimal performance.

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