Rimtech's variety

The Research Facility is an advanced building in Metal Fatigue, and is rather important to the evolution of your base. Its primary function is to research Combot parts from alternate corpo-nations so that the player may mass produce the unfamiliar piece. Researching the part will also give you specific information concerning it, such as total health points, amount of damage it can deal, and damage resistance. The building itself also unlocks significant production possibilities:


 bomber at the Aircraft Hangar, the Artillery and the Vehicle Factory,


 the Point Defence System and the AI Facility.

Combot PartsEdit

Rimtech -  Laser SwordArmor Fist, and Energy Blaster, the torso parts Forcefield and Drunk Missile, and the leg part Blast Pulse.

For Mil-Agro, - - -.

For Neuropa, - - -.

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