The Rail Gun is a stationary cannon capable of dealing long range damage and reconnaissance, though they have a considerable reload period and must be targeted manually. Each CorpoNation has its own unique payload.

Every CorpoNation has access to the following payloads;

  • Orbital Bomb
  • Recon Salvo
  • Tectonic Torpedo

Orbital Bomb Edit

The Orbital Bomb is a devastating missile capable of destroying most ground units in one hit and severely damaging buildings, it can target surface and orbital locations from these locations, however it cannot target areas directly above or below the cannon.

Recon Salvo Edit

The Recon Salvo is a payload of five recon poles that will land in a cross pattern provided the terrain permits it. this is especially useful for scouting out areas of the map without expending jets or tanks and for allowing a player to precisely target an Orbital Bomb or Tectonic Torpedo.

Tectonic Torpedo Edit

The Tectonic Torpedo is a less powerful missile that can target underground areas similar to an Orbital Bomb, although weaker it can still destroy most vehicles in one hit and has a small area of effect as well.

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