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Aircraft Hangars are a type of building in Metal Fatigue. Their function is to produce the two types of aircraft found in-game, Hover Jets and Hover Bombers, as well as supplying a landing pad to store and repair the damaged aircraft that have returned from battle. Up to three jets may be stored on a single hangar, yet the same space may only fit one bomber. However, the aircraft may idle in mid-air, and they have no required maintenence, so returning them to a hangar is not necessary. When the hangar is built, it is initially empty, so new aircraft must be produced from scratch.  For production purposes, simply click on a hangar, and an option window will allow you to pick the desired aircraft.  Note that aircraft are not assigned to any specific hangar, so they may land and takeoff indisciminately.

The aircraft hangar is one of the few buildings that can not be built on the Underground Layer, for obvious reasons.  Also, an aircraft hangar is required in order to build certain Combot parts having to do with aviation, specifically the Jump Jets from Rimtech, and the Jet Pack from Mil-Agro and Neuropa.


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